Jones-Harrison News

Our New Art Class: A Self Portrait in Collage

The residents of Jones-Harrison’s Assisted Living and Long Term Care are diving into their new art class, a self portrait in collage, made possible through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and our collaboration with Compas.  We are thrilled to have Teresa Cox leading our class, teaching us the elements of collage and learning to express ourselves through medium.  We started with thinking about what qualities best describe ourselves, what color that qualities represent, and thinking about the best times of our lives, and if those were indoor or outdoor types of experiences.  Next came choosing a famous portrait that spoke to us; then posing for a picture like the famous photo.  We are now beginning to “dress ourselves” in terms of the colors, preferences and experiences.  Stay tuned to see our progress over the next 5 weeks!

Margaret & Jim express their best qualities in color – note the very different colors they chose to express themselves.

Discussing the famous portraits we have chosen to place ourselves in.

Seeing our portraits beginning to take on our life experiences.