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Dance with Purpose

We are very happy to welcome back the Kairos Alive! team for another 6-week residency.  And this time our sessions are intergenerational as students from Breck High School are joining us.  One of the students, Alex B., is part of the Breck special math class in community based research, and is researching the benefits of dance and movement in an older adult population.  She has enlisted her classmates to interview our resident dancers before and after sessions to assess mood, energy level, and more.  I think you can see from the smiles on everyone’s faces that it is definitely a positive impact on mood!

A little Jazz Hands to wake up the upper body and get the blood flowing!

Dance and movement with Kairos and the students from Breck High School.

The Breck students get to know the residents and Alex helps gather data on the impact of dance and movement in this population.