Jones-Harrison News

Breck Students Share Research

Many thanks to Brad Kohl and his senior students from Breck for sharing the results of their research projects with the residents of Jones-Harrison.  All the students worked with non-profits to measure the effectiveness of one of their programs.  We of course had a special interest in Alex B.’s results of the effect of dance on the mood of seniors as she did her research with Jones-Harrison this past year.  Alex’s research posters are up in our lobby behind the Reception Desk and her research report is available upon request.  What an exceptional class and a fantastic group of students.  We know they will all do well in their chosen fields.

Mr. Kohl and Alex talk about the success of the student’s research projects, and especially the dance project at Jones-Harrison.

Students did research on music and mood in seniors.

Visiting with friends old and new from Breck.