Jones-Harrison News

We Love Our Location on Cedar Lake!

How lucky is Jones-Harrison Residence to be nestled right on the shores of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.  After some of our residents took a Buddy Walk with staff – and Buddy the Therapy Dog! – we went around the lake to see what other wonderful things we could spy.  Then we returned to Jones-Harrison to admire our own lovely grounds.  What a spectacular summer day!  Enjoy the photos.

Here’s our Jones-Harrison gang enjoying the view of the lake on our Friday morning Buddy Walk.

What is that building I spy behind the kids? Why, Jones-Harrison Residence, of course!

Thanks to neighbor and Jones-Harrison friend Anne Whitney for her hard work on this garden.

Captain Pup navigates the paddle board!

I spy a red leaf telling us Autumn is right around the corner.

Sky of Blue, and Sea of Green!