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Life at Jones-Harrison 3-18-2020

Had a chance to visit with a few our wonderful residents today.  We will keep sharing stories of every day life here at Jones-Harrison on our website and on our Facebook page.  Please know that everyone is trying to stay safe and positive. Gert dining at her own table in the Assisted Living Dining Room enjoying her meal and keeping her social distance from her fellow tenants. Besse was resting when I came in to her room, but her face lit up when she saw the flowers and I read her the note from her family. Dolly (no pictures please) related how her family had invested in a bidet – no more paper chases for her crew! And Marian was kind enough to share a wonderful poem that she wrote 12 years ago but seems just as apropos today.

Gert enjoys lunch, albeit 6 feet away from her friends!

Besse is so happy to receive flowers and an update from her family!

Marian wanted to share a poem that she wrote in 2008 but seems to fit today as well!