Jones-Harrison News

Covid-19 Update 4-15-2020

Dear families and friend of Jones-Harrison:

We want to first thank you for your support and prayers for our residents and staff during this time of COVID19.  We understand the challenges of not being able to see the people you care about and the worry that comes from the unknown of the situation and a virus the world is still learning how to deal with.

Jones-Harrison will provide updates on our eblast system and website on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s by 4pm through this COVID19 time.  You are also able to call us with any questions.  We are providing this link to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) COVID19 website for your convenience.  They update their information at 11 a.m. daily.

Currently, we have six skilled care residents who have tested positive for the virus and we are continually testing any resident who shows symptoms.  We have one Assisted Living tenant who has been tested; results should be to us by this Friday.  We are working with the MDH and have been assigned a consultant that works with us for continued implementation of all infection control measures.  We have isolated positive residents and assigned designated staff to their care.  All staff wear protective gear such as masks and staff who work with positive residents wear the full protective gear of gown, N95 mask, and protective eye wear.

We have had one positive virus of a staff person since our last communication.  All staff who are ill are not allowed to work for 14 days.  Since there are limited tests, not all of our staff have been able to be tested, so we take the safe steps of keeping them home.  We also have some staff that are now staying at Jones-Harrison, as they do not want to risk exposure to their own families.

Our staff appreciates your continued support!  Communication is important during this time and we hope you will check in on our updates.  We will leave you with a quote as we are thankful for our families and friends of Jones-Harrison:

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou

Annette Greely, President and CEO