Jones-Harrison News

Covid-19 Update 5-11-2020

May 11, 2020

Dear Family Members and Friends,

After celebrating Mother’s Day social distancing style, the separation created another level of thankfulness. I know everyone would have preferred visiting in person to give hugs, yet we know in these times being safe is the best gift you can give to Mom and Jones-Harrison is grateful that our family and friends are so understanding. The residents appreciated all the flowers and other gifts that were sent!

We had a good weekend at the Care Center, as we had four tests come back negative and we had two more people recover and graduate from the Covid unit!

Care Center

Total tests: 41   Total positive: 20 (9 have passed away)

Total negative: 19              Tests pending: 2         Recovered: 5

Assisted Living:

Total positive: 4 (1 passed away)              Total negative: 4      Tests Pending: 1


Total positive: 19                  Total negative: 20           Tests pending: 0

We understand how challenging these times are not to be able to physically visit family and friends. We have been not allowing visitors since March 12th and we know that the time apart feels much longer. Our staff work to visit, do individual activities, facilitate video conference calls, and create moments of happiness every day. They are mindful to get residents outside as weather permits, knowing that fresh air and sunshine are very important for emotional well-being. We appreciate that the residents are doing well with social distancing and wearing a mask with encouragement from the staff.

Thank you for all you do to create happy moments with the activity items you have sent, by video visiting, and just calling on the phone. It means the world to everyone here!


Annette Greely, President/CEO