Jones-Harrison News

Covid-19 Update 5-14-2020

May 14, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Weather is a normal topic of discussion for Minnesotans and we are thankful when we can get outside and enjoy blue skies and fresh air.  Spring gives us renewed energy and a promise of wonderful things to come.  Our families and friends of Jones-Harrison have a lot of similarities to the wonderful energy and similarities of joyful expectation.  Your support fuels us with energy and your kinds words bring joy when we need them the most.

The weather also brings an urge to go about and visit friends and family.  We at Jones-Harrison understand the need to use the weather to visit outside with social distancing, but sadly we cannot allow families and friends to visit with residents outside.  We are still under federal and state “lockdown” and we must maintain the safety of our residents and you the best we can. This lockdown remains even as Governor Walz’s ‘stay at home’ order lifts for the public. Our staff truly understand how hard times are when our residents cannot be with their families in person.  We ask for your continued patience in not coming to Jones-Harrison to visit, even outside.

We also know of the information everyone is hearing about facility wide testing for residents and staff.  We have been contacted by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and we are working on setting up our date for whole campus testing.  To ensure the safety of our residents, Jones-Harrison must we have an adequate staffing plan in place before we engage in this level of testing.  When a date is set, we will communicate that information with you.  In the meantime, we are expanding testing to some asymptomatic residents we feel may have exposure risk while we wait to hear from MDH; therefore, you will see more pending test numbers as we are widening resident testing.

Our numbers today:

Care Center:  Total Tested: 49            Total positive:  26 (10 have passed away, 5 have recovered)       Total negative: 27      Total pending:  5     In isolation: 11

Assisted Living: Total Tested: 9     Total positive: 3 (one has passed away)     Total negative: 4         Total Pending: 0             In Isolation  3

Staff:  Total Tested: 43         Total positive: 19         Total negative: 20           Total pending: 5

Providing residents with a safe plan of care while we undergo testing of all staff, again, is our top concern.  We are working to locate outside sources of staffing to ensure safe resident care while we work with MDH to begin mass testing.  Our staff is working diligently on behalf of the residents to provide care, activities, and most importantly the human connection we all need during these times.

Enjoy the changing of seasons, knowing there is beauty in the colors and music from the birds.  We know that we are grateful for the change in season and the continued support you bring to us.


Annette Greely, President/CEO