Jones-Harrison News

Covid-19 Update 5-18-2020

May 18, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you everyone for the thoughtful questions you ask and the support you continue to show our Jones-Harrison community.  We are grateful for all the items donated to help support our staff and when we get through these times, Jones-Harrison is going to have an “Appreciation” celebration.  We do not know when that will be but thinking about seeing our families again to say thank you in person keeps us going.

We are getting ready for testing of all residents and staff.  Jones-Harrison will send out information when we are told what day MDH will be working with us.  We are working on contingency staffing and today we had 12 people in new staff orientation.  Jones-Harrison is excited to welcome them to our family and to continue our mission of serving seniors!

Today’s numbers will show that we are expanding our testing while we wait to work with MDH.

Care Center:

Total tested: 59           Total positive: 26 (11 people have passed away)         Total negative: 25              Total tests pending: 8

Assisted Living:

Total tested: 15           Total positive: 5 (two people have passed away)         Total negative: 9                Total Tests pending: 1


Total positive: 19        Total negative: 20       Total Tests pending: 4

Some people have asked why we have not tested everyone already and we hope you understand that there are many logistics involved.  We have only recently had access to enough testing and the guidance for nursing homes from the state only changed to whole house testing last week.  Nursing homes must also ensure they have a staffing plan in place before they test everyone.  This virus is not like anything we have dealt with before and we are doing our best with the information at hand.  Through all of this we strive to provide the best care we can.

Jones-Harrison is grateful for having a community that cares so much!


Annette Greely, President/CEO