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Covid-19 Update: June 1, 2020

June 1, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you everyone for being patient as we got results back from our whole house testing!  We will give you total test numbers from last week in this update.

Here are the numbers from our whole house testing:

Skilled/Care Center         Assisted Living                   Staff (includes AL and Care Center)

102 tested                          28 tested                            210 tested

9 positive                           1 positive                            3 positive (all Care Center staff)

Those residents who tested positive were moved to the isolation unit at the care center. The residents who tested positive were showing no symptoms and were moved to isolation for monitoring.  Staff who tested positive were not allowed to come back to work until they go through the 14-day isolation period.

There are currently 15 residents on isolation in our care center. We have had 15 people pass away from COVID-19 in our care center and two residents in our assisted living, since this began.  Our blessing is we have had 10 people recover from isolation and move back to their rooms.  Since this began, we have had 27 staff test positive, many have recovered and returned to help us.

We will also be testing again tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3.  The National Guard will be out to test all residents and staff who tested negative.  These tests will occur again next Tuesday and Wednesday with the National Guard.  Please know that we are still testing residents and staff in between these times if symptoms occur.

Jones-Harrison will be emailed our results from the Mayo Health System in Rochester.  Test results are coming back in batches at different times.  This time, we will be calling our resident’s primary contact if results come back positive. We will not be calling to report negative results. PLEASE DO NOT call us asking for results unless we have left a message for you to call us.  We will email again (hopefully Friday) to let you know that all results are in and if you have not been called then your loved one is negative.

All of us at Jones-Harrison were saddened by the events of the past week in Minneapolis.  The safety of our residents and staff during these challenging times are upmost in our minds.  We are monitoring the situation constantly for the residents.  We are working to provide transportation and housing options if needed for our staff who live in these communities.

These times are a test of the human spirit.  The strain of COVID-19 and the winds of change for justice and equality, strain our spirit and we take moments of gratitude from the support of our Jones-Harrison family and friends.  Your support and prayers are a comfort to our residents and staff.


Annette Greely, President/CEO