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Covid 19 Update: June 4, 2020

June 4, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We have completed whole house testing for the second week. Residents and staff were troopers, as having something put up your nose is not comfortable.  The National Guard team is very caring and compassionate and we are grateful for their time and effort.  Jones-Harrison will be having one more round of testing next week with the National Guard.

We had no new COVID-19 cases with our residents this week!  We have two residents graduating and moving off the isolation unit.  We had one staff person test positive who was asymptomatic.  That staff person will be on isolation for the next two weeks.  The Assisted Living building also had no new cases of residents or staff.

Jones-Harrison wants to remind our families and friends that even though the state is starting to open up, our Care Center and Assisted Living are under different rules.  We are still under the guidelines of the federal and state government to not allow visitors unless for end of life visits.  Our activities department is working on setting up window visits with families in the very near future and we will still maintain the video calls. We understand the frustration people have not seeing their families but until new guidelines come from the state and federal government, we ask for people’s understanding.

On a happy note, we are going to be phasing back our 1:1 strength training visits for those enrolled in our Wellness program.  Our goal is to slowly move life back to some normalcy for our residents.  We have all read or heard about the toll isolation has had on everyone’s mental health and our staff understand the need to help move forward.

The future of living with COVID-19 will change how we all interact with one another and our elderly.  Even though we are heading in a positive direction, Jones-Harrison understands we must stay vigilant in prevention, prepare for how our future looks, and learn to live with a new state of being.  We will all be learning this new future together.  Jones-Harrison residents and staff are grateful for our families and friends and in knowing we will have your support.

Annette Greely, President/CEO