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A Legacy of Care

Jones-Harrison is a nonprofit community with a rich and varied history that has always been at the forefront of change. From our founding in 1888 to navigating COVID-19 with a vulnerable population in 2020 and 2021, Jones-Harrison Residence has remained committed to a longstanding tradition of offering innovative programs and supportive services to older adults in a loving environment. In 2000, Jones-Harrison launched the trailblazing Wasie Wellness Center programming with support from the Wasie Foundation aimed at addressing the distinct health needs of older adults. Over the past two decades, the Wellness Center has allowed Jones Harrison to provide residents with supportive services focused on arthritis care, strength and mobility training, and pain management, among other health challenges. Your donation to Jones-Harrison is needed today! Past investments in our facility have become outdated after more than 20 years of heavy use. Maintenance is proving more difficult due to the limited availability of replacement parts or repair services for older equipment and international vendors. With your support, we hope to safeguard our Legacy of Care by updating the equipment in our Wellness Center to better serve our residents. Support Needed Jones-Harrison seeks to purchase the following equipment, which will be used for regular resident programming led by four Wellness Center staff: Cardiovascular Equipment: More […]

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Humility, Transparency, and Curiosity: how Jones-Harrison is changing the culture of care

Throughout her career, Annette Greely, MS, HSE, the president and CEO of Jones-Harrison, has looked at long-term care facilities that were doing well on paper and said, “That’s not good enough. They should be smiling and laughing.” So she asked the important questions, talked to the right people, and used a little elbow grease to make things right. The “mediocre middle” of good surveys but less-than-enthusiastic team members and residents was never going to cut it for Greely at her previous stops. And it won’t cut it at Jones-Harrison either.  “You’re a problem solver,” said Peter Murphy Lewis to Greely during their interview on LTC Heroes, a podcast about leadership in long-term care. She laughed at the remark and explained that being a “fixer” was never her goal, but then Greely gave listeners her tips for maintaining a facility that prioritizes resident and nurse satisfaction: The key, she explains, is to build a culture upon the pillars of humility, transparency, and curiosity:  Humility: A self-described “servant-leader,” Greely is never too proud to set an example for the kind of work ethic required to give our beloved seniors the care they deserve. “I have no problem with fixing toilets, vacuuming, or doing anything else that needs to be done,” she said. “If I can […]

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