Southwest Journals Turns the Spotlight on Jones-Harrison Residents

Our thanks to the Southwest Journal, journalist Zac Farber and photojournalist Isaiah Rustad for speaking with tenants of Jones-Harrison’s Assisted Living and Long Term Care about their lives and their thoughts on living through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes have been locked down by mayoral order, with residents asked to stay in their rooms much of the time and in-person visits from families prohibited. How do seniors feel about this new reality? The Southwest Journal visited four residents of the Jones-Harrison senior home on Cedar Lake and asked them to share their stories

George looking very distinguished for his close-up!

George Day, 93, a long-term care resident, likes to tell and hear stories.

Day was born in Superior, Nebraska — a tiny town known for its assortment of well-preserved Victorian houses. His grandfather arrived in Superior in 1879, shortly after the town was founded. “He was an itinerant traveling dentist trained in Philadelphia,” Day says. “He found the early settlers’ oral hygiene not very attractive, so he went into business and was very successful in that.”

Day became a literature professor and taught at the University of Northern Iowa for three decades. A fan of Willa Cather and Herman Melville, he’s been listening to the “Moby-Dick” audiobook during quarantine. “I’ve read and taught it many times, and now I will hear it for the first time,” he says.