We are in full bloom this summer

For 133 years, Jones-Harrison has been a trusted partner to families in the Twin Cities by tailoring services to the individual needs of our Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Transitional Care, and Memory Care residents, allowing their health and independence to “bloom.”

With your support this summer, we will create activities, services, and programs that contribute to residents’ wellbeing and happiness. Your donation will support one of 3 program areas:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Skilled Nursing and Specialized Care
  • John R and Jeanne Carroll Arts and Culture Fund

In 2020, the John R. and Jeanne Carroll Arts and Culture Fund made a gift of a new pottery kiln for the Jones-Harrison ceramics program. Your support of Jones-Harrison makes programs like these possible and keeps us “in bloom” all year long. Please consider making a donation today to get us closer to our goal of raising $50,000 this summer for our programs.