Help Us Celebrate

130 years of Jones-Harrison!

Share a special memory of your loved one during their time
as a resident of Jones-Harrison.

Do you fondly recall a special time at Jones-Harrison? Maybe it was a sunny afternoon with your loved one in the courtyard. Sharing a holiday or birthday here with them. Maybe it was a new friendship that developed.

We invite you to share that memory, or even a photo, on the leaf card found here. Your memory will be added to the many other happy memories made at Jones-Harrison over the last 130 years, and turned into a unique display paying homage to our wonderful setting here on Cedar Lake. The Family Tree we will create will honor the deep roots we have established not only in our Minneapolis community, but within the community of families we have served in the past.

The Family Tree will be unveiled during our Founder’s Day Celebration, honoring the very first Jones-Harrison resident who arrived in May of 1888. You will receive more information on the Celebration event as it gets closer.

Alongside your memory, we hope you will consider honoring Jones-Harrison with an anniversary contribution. A donation leaf will be created to add to the Family Tree, brightly reminding all who come to Jones-Harrison that it is through your generosity that we are able to provide a gracious home, guided by dedicated leaders, staffed with compassionate individuals, offering innovative programming and supportive services for the older adults in our care. Thank you for your continuing support.


Download this leaf to share a memory!

Simply print out the leaf and write your memory (or attach a picture) and mail to:

Cindy Iverson
Jones- Harrison
3700 Cedar Lake Ave.,
Minneapolis, MN 55416.

You can also scan and email to: