Full Circle Donor Reception at Jones-Harrison

Many thanks to the Jones-Harrison donors who were able to join us for an informal reception before last week’s Annual Family Picnic.  While we are able to secure funds through grants and corporate underwriting, the majority of the funds raised each year are from individual donors who have been touched by the good work of Jones-Harrison, who have had loved ones a part of our Jones-Harrison family, or who call Jones-Harrison home.  We are thrilled that we can provide our residents with so many extra amenities because of our wonderful donors.

Our Poems Take Flight

We had our last spring poetry session with Rachel Moritz, our wonderful poet, on the first day of summer!  Rachel inspired us with poems from Emily Dickinson, and then we went on to create our own prose about hope, birds and hands.  Many thanks to Rachel and we can’t wait until she returns in late August for our next 6-week residency.  Many thanks to Compas for help in arranging our classes and to the Minnesota State Arts Board for the grant that makes these classes possible.

What do we notice about our hands – that they are made to hold someone else’s hand!

Oh, Ted, please don’t eat the bird. It’s meant to inspire us, not make us hungry!

We got very philosophical taking about hope today.

Happy June Birthdays!

Maggie loves the birthday wishes!

The residents of Jones-Harrison joined together to wish everyone celebrating a birthday in June a very happy birthday!  Many thanks to Rita Lusky for providing music to celebrate by.


Savannah cheers on birthday girls Chernah and June in the background.

Jay celebrates his birthday next to Don, our centenarian.


Saints Game with Our United Health Friends

Many thanks to our friends at United Healthcare for another fun outing with the residents of Jones-Harrison.  This year it was a trip to the St. Paul Saints game!  We had time to get to know each other a bit as the buses – our Jones-Harrison buggy and a beautiful coach bus – got loaded up.  Then it was off for a gloriously sunny day at the ballpark.  A special thank you to Peter Clevealand for helping procure the grant for this event.

Enjoying hot dogs, food and new friends on our outing to the St. Paul Saints game with United Healthcare volunteers!

Getting to know each other before we head out to the game.

Sitting with our new buddies on the bus!

Thanks, Peter, for making this all happen again this year…and for making sure we get on the bus safely!

Family Picnic 2018 – Back to the Farm

Thanks to everyone who came to the Jones-Harrison annual Family Picnic.  This year, Jones-Harrison’s 130th Anniversary, we celebrated the fact that when it opened, Jones-Harrison had a working farm on its property that the residents helped tend.  No work on this day – just lots of fun!  We enjoyed so many things – the petting zoo, chalk drawing and games, a presentation on farming, an old time bicycle, an ice cream truck, and yummy fried chicken and fixin’s.  And boy, did we have a good time with the band The Medicine Show – they kept us singing, laughing, clapping and wanting more ’til the very end!  The best, as always, is to be with our family and friends.  Can’t wait until next year!  Enjoy the photos!

Employee Recognition Picnic

Jones-Harrison Residence was pleased to recognize employees that have served our residents and their families for 5 or more years at a picnic on a gorgeous afternoon last week.  We are proud to say we have more than 110 of our employees who have 5 or more years of service, including 25 with 15 years or more of service.  That 25 includes 5 of the management staff, including President & CEO Lowell Berggren.  Privileged to have Ken Larson, a volunteer, donor and a caregiver for many years, share his feelings about Jones-Harrison with us.. And dig those crazy visor/sunglasses celebrating Jones-Harrison’s 130th Anniversary that staff are sporting!  Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday Concerts at Jones-Harrison Residence

We invite you to join the residents of Jones-Harrison every Tuesday afternoon for a concert in our Centrum.  A full calendar of performances can be found on this website under the monthly happenings section.  Here we are enjoying a concert from the Showtime Chorus.

We love when family and friends can join in the many wonderful activities at Jones-Harrison.

It’s always a full room for our Tuesday afternoon concerts.

Dining In With Friends

It’s not always easy to go out for lunch, so Jones-Harrison staff bring fun food from the local restaurants so residents can hang out with friends and have some fun food.  Residents of memory care enjoy Chipolte while the long term care residents opt for delicious treats from Amazing Thailand.

Tacos and a Stella Artois – the all American meal!

It’s Amazing Thailand with delicious egg rolls for this crew!

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