Covid 19 Update: 9-11-2020

September 11, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week’s staff testing came back with two staff positives. Both staff saw residents in the Care Center and the Assisted Living and we have taken proactive action accordingly.  We were able to do thorough contact tracing and have placed all Residents and Tenants with potential for transmission on a quarantine and will monitor them for signs and symptoms. All staff and residents from both the Care Center and Assisted Living have been tested this week; results are pending. The handful of Care Center residents tested last week were all negative.  As a result of CMS’s testing requirement based on County incident rates for Long-Term Care settings, the labs we use have been much busier and we are experiencing some lag time and struggle accessing test kits.  Jones-Harrison did receive an antigen test machine and supplies from the federal government and we are using them as directed.  This test machine is to be used for supplementing our current system and we are directed to use it for testing residents or staff with symptoms. The machine will give us rapid results, meaning withing 15 minutes!

Like all good Minnesotan’s, we follow the weather and are keenly aware the “W” word is coming.  We know the weather is changing and are working on some plans to transform indoor space into visiting areas that will meet infection control guidelines. We will keep you posted on how those changes will be implemented.  You may have noticed the appointment link ends at the end of September, this is because we are still developing our cold weather system and bookings will open up again once we have this settled. We will notify you when appointments starting October 1st are available. We appreciate everyone for their patience and following the rules for visitation.

Thank you for supporting Jones-Harrison and we hope you enjoy the nice weather while we have it next week!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid-19 Update: September 4, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We have good news heading into the long weekend. We had zero positives for Assisted Living residents and staff and zero positives for our Care Center residents and staff. In order to be considered “COVID-19” free, we must be free of the virus for residents and staff for 28 days.  We will report next week on how we are doing. Please send good thoughts and prayers for our residents and staff to be COVID-19 free!

I would also like to add some clarity to last week’s message as we have had some calls with questions. Last week’s TCU expansion announcement will happen on the 3rd floor. We will gradually convert the current L3 neighborhood to Transitional Care. The unit will be mixed use for a bit and staff will be in further communication with current L3 residents and families as this transition occurs.

Everyone at Jones-Harrison wishes you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Stay masked, social distance, and wash your hands. Thank you, Friends and Families!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid-19 Testing and Improvements Update

August 28, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Today, I would like to update you on some exciting organizational changes. Covid-19 has brought many challenges for all of us, but through adversity we can find opportunities to improve and better meet the needs of our residents and families.  Many nursing homes and assisted livings across the country and state have seen a reduction in occupancy due to the virus and out of concern for moving into a facility with living and visiting restrictions.  Jones-Harrison is experiencing this in our assisted living as well as the nursing home but we are using this as an opportunity to look at our services, the layout of the building, and how to meet then needs of the community.

We are excited to inform our families that we are making some adjustments to our third-floor area.  We are going to be expanding our Transitional Care Unit from 14 beds to 28.  Jones-Harrison is adding more private rooms with beautiful views of Cedar Lake, along with adding new therapy space overlooking the Lake.  Private rooms are what families and customers are asking for in the Covid-19 era and we are happy to accommodate. The existing memory care on second floor in the nursing home will stay the same for the time being.  Currently, the Hilltop neighborhood is empty as we are keeping it ready as an isolation unit if the need arises.

Secondly, our former Transitional Care Unit on first floor by the Centrum will be converting to Memory Care under our Assisted Living license.  This area will provide 9 private apartments with secure access and their own private courtyard.  The smaller size will allow us to create personalized care and appropriate activities for residents who will reside there.  We are hoping this will be ready this fall and will update you on our progress.

Residents are being tested as needed based on potential for exposure and if there are symptoms. We continue to test all staff weekly.  There are currently no positive cases in the assisted living or care center. However, we did have two staff test positive with no symptoms last week.  When a staff person tests positive, they are required to stay home for at least 14 days.

You have probably been reading articles in the news about testing and the test machines coming from the Federal government.  Jones-Harrison did receive our machine on Thursday!  We are in the process of learning how to use it, setting up policies, and then we will begin to use it.  This machine will primarily be used for symptomatic residents or staff as the machine can provide results in 15 minutes!  We will continue to do our large-scale testing for staff and residents with local labs Mayo and Pathway.

Our staff are excited for these upcoming changes, as they know the great care they provide will make Jones-Harrison the top place to go for seniors and their families!  Your support as we move forward also helps make what we do a great success!  Thank you for donations, cards and emails of support, and referring friends and family to us if they are looking for senior living!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

What Have We Been Up To?

Another exciting week of birthdays, family visits, puppy visits and glorious weather at Jones-Harrison Residence.  Enjoy the photos and the video of our friend Stormi exploring the courtyard!

Happy 95th birthday!

Nothing better than having all the generations together!

Jessica saves the day when Stormi decided to sneak through the courtyard fence!

Goin’ Round the World in Song

Thanks to our artist on the hill Joey Clark for taking the residents of Jones-Harrison on a trip around the world in song!  Enjoy the photos and video!

Joey Clark is a regular on the hill at Jones-Harrison Residence now!

Here’s some of the Assisted Living gang singing along!

And here is some of the crew from long term care crooning along!

Stormi in the Garden!

We love when our friend Stormi the husky puppy comes to visit!  And today was a busy day, exploring all around the gardens – and even making a brief escape!  Come back and see us soon!

Stormi starts exploring!

Hannah and Pam supposedly keep an eye on our rascal!

Jessica saves the day and safely returns Stormi to the confines of the garden!

Keep Those Blue Skies Coming!

Another great weather week for our Jones-Harrison residents and their families and friends to get together in our wonderful outdoor courtyards.  Thanks to everyone who has come to brighten everyone’s day!

The Concert on the Hill

The concerts keep coming – outdoors of course. Many thanks to all the musicians who are kind enough to stop by and help entertain our residents.
And a special thank you to Rosemary, usually our volunteer extraordinaire, for entertaining the AL crew when there was a mix up on performance days. She is always ready and happy to step up!

Marj sings along from the catbird’s seat!

The Assisted Living residents enjoying the concert.

Bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

Thanks for filling in Rosemary!

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