Under the Sea

Our friend, Manta Ray, came by to give us a smile!

Checking out all the cool creatures!

What a great day for the long term care residents of Jones-Harrison to have lunch and check out the Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America.  Even the Manta Ray gave the group a big smile! Enjoy the photos!

Eva appreciates not having to be in scuba gear to feel like you are swimming with the fish!

A World of Thanks to Jones-Harrison Volunteers

We celebrated the many and varied volunteers who help make Jones-Harrison Residence a true home for our residents and transitional care patients. By request of this great group, we did less talking at everyone and instead let them get to know each other better through an interview game – and we learned a little bit more about this very special group.  We are always looking to add to this great group.  If you have even an hour or two to spend each month visiting with a resident – and that includes therapy animals! –  going on an outing, helping with an activity or sharing a special interest of yours, we would love to have you contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Marnie, at 612-925-7286.

Barb called on Jones-Harrison in her professional career before volunteering and now working part time in Reception; Art was an election judge here at Jones-Harrison before becoming a gift shop volunteer!

Bonnie has family at Jones-Harrison and shares her beautiful piano playing with residents; Bob does one-to-one visits with residents

Joanne, a resident, manages the Jones-Harrison Library; we got smily Lulu when her Grandpa Dale was at Jones-Harrison recuperating

Michael has been a volunteer at Jones-Harrison for over 8 years – half of his entire life!

April Birthday Party!

The residents of Jones-Harrison gathered to celebrate everyone with an April Birthday.  Lots of Spring babies, but most didn’t remember their birthdays with so much snow!  Thanks to Nick Waln, brother of our Assisted Living Leasing & Community Relations Coordinator Kristina Waln, for providing the lovely classical guitar music.

Idonis has her crew to help wish her a happy birthday!

Glenn celebrates his birthday with lovely wife Helen.

Who else is celebrating an April birthday? Margaret says “I am!”

Cutting a Rug!

Wow, another energetic, free-flowing and really fun session with Kairos Alive! this week.  Really got everyone involved, singing, telling stories and some great dancing, especially from Kairos #1 fan, Nathalie.  Really used our dancing to chase the blues away on a cold & cloudy day!

It was a whirlwind of movement with dancers everywhere!

Barbara leads Prakash and Bic with a few dance moves of her own!

Kickin’ Up Our Heels With Kairos Alive!

We had a lively session with our friends from Kairos Alive! this week, dancing to music about spring, and baseball, and sunshine and all sorts of fun things.  Then we snuck in a belated Irish jig and a little Russian folk song.  We always leave with a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts!

Our own sweet Colleen helped out on this Irish jig!

It’s fun to do a spin while we’re dancing!

Some pretty scarves to accompany a Russian folk song!

Irish for the Day

The residents of Jones-Harrison enjoyed being Irish for the Day with yummy pistachio trifles and singing along to the lively Irish tunes from Bardz at Large.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Is that my wild Irish rose?

When Irish eyes are smiling, we all sing along!

Faith and begorrah, this trifle is darn good!

Officer Murphy & Callahan

You know it’s an important day when the Minneapolis police arrive at Jones-Harrison.  But this was a happy day as we got to meet Officer Murphy and his K-9 partner, Callahan.  Callahan seemed as excited to be here as the residents were to see him!  Thanks so much for this friendly visit.

Officer Murphy explained the extensive training Callahan received to become a part of the Minneapolis K-9 division.

Callahan is a German Shepherd who shares (on his own business card!) to “put the phone down while driving; you’re missing beautiful scenery and possibly the car in front of you!” Good advice from this sweet boy.

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