A Virtual Return of Old Friends

Technology is allowing us to live stream our friends from Kairos Alive! during our weekly dance class with our Breck students.  We all crossed our fingers Wednesday morning, and voila, Parker & Nicholas joined us virtually while Maria was on-site to assist the students and get our residents dancing up a storm!

Our friends from Kairos Alive! Maria on site, and Parker and Nicholas on line!

The group was dancing up a storm to Cab Calloway!

Erin and Chrystopher have got Hep to the Jive!

Roger can dance as well as sing!

Finding Our Favorite Photos

In this week’s photography class, residents reviewed the photos they took at the Marjorie McNeely Arboretum as well as some photos around Jones-Harrison including the Halloween Party!

The group usually agrees on its favorites – but they respect everyone’s opinion!

Artist Barbara A.

Artist Dorothy K.

Artist Maureen C.

Artist Harriett

Artist Moira R.

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

So we made snowmen – or snowwomen – in our clay class at Jones-Harrison with help from our friends from Breck High School and under the astute guidance of teaching artist Susan from the Northern Clay Center.

Susan helps Moira with some snow person parts!

Louise like her snowpeople colorful!

You can leave something in our newly fired leaf trays!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the staff and residents and families of Jones-Harrison Residence!  Enjoy our fun photos!

Charlie Brown and the Gang from our therapeutic rec team!

The good and bad germs from Assisted Living!

The Wellness dominos!

The Monster Mashers from Housekeeping!

The Administrative Team tells us the nursery rhyme of Hey Diddle Diddle!

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum from Nurse Educator and Infection Control!

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