Card Sharks

Many thanks to our volunteer extraordinaire Geoffrey for keeping things fun during the Jones-Harrison Assisted Living weekly card game.

Has Dennis got an ace up his sleeve?!?!

The peanut gallery cheers on the fun!


Dancing with some New Friends

Our dance and movement session lead by our friends from Breck High School included some wonderful new volunteers recruited by Kairos Alive!  With Maria, Parker, Nicholas and Jack streaming in and leading the fun, we had a great time getting down to the lively music.

Erin and her fellow Breck classmates take the lead from the Kairos team and grab a partner to dance with!

We love when family joins in on the fun – welcome back to the dance, Sandy and Sophie!

Lori is enjoying her dance with her new friend Alison.

Here’s Our Gnome Work

Lots of creative ideas being applied to this week’s project with Northern Clay at Jones-Harrison. The pieces just keep getting better and better, and the time with the Breck ceramics students makes it that much more fun!

Susan helps Eva create an interesting gnome.

David and Mary hard at work.

Dolores takes a break to show off her masterpiece.

Starting to Brag!

So our resident shutterbugs at Jones-Harrison got the first round of their photo efforts this week and begin to put together their brag books.  And they keep snapping away, with clever Dorothy visiting Lunds & Byerly’s for her subjects and Joyce finding inspiration within and outside her room!

Eva and Joyce are happy to see their work!

The group discusses the inspiration for their shots.

Dorothy is pleased with her beans!

The view from Joyce’s window.

Today’s Dance – the Charleston!

We got not only our hands moving today with our friends and volunteers from Kairos Alive!, but we kicked up our heels to the Charleston at Jones-Harrison Residence.

Warming up and stretching out!

Gloria definitely approves of our moves!

Louise helps lead the swingin’!

What Color Is Your Turtle?

Our ceramics class with Northern Clay and the Breck students got very creative today, as we choose some very creative colors to glaze our turtles with.

Who came up with this sassy little guy? Stop by Jones-Harrison to find out!

Prakash gets some advice on turtle colors.

Dolores and Moira are all work at this stage.

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