Stormi in the Garden!

We love when our friend Stormi the husky puppy comes to visit!  And today was a busy day, exploring all around the gardens – and even making a brief escape!  Come back and see us soon!

Stormi starts exploring!

Hannah and Pam supposedly keep an eye on our rascal!

Jessica saves the day and safely returns Stormi to the confines of the garden!

Keep Those Blue Skies Coming!

Another great weather week for our Jones-Harrison residents and their families and friends to get together in our wonderful outdoor courtyards.  Thanks to everyone who has come to brighten everyone’s day!

The Concert on the Hill

The concerts keep coming – outdoors of course. Many thanks to all the musicians who are kind enough to stop by and help entertain our residents.
And a special thank you to Rosemary, usually our volunteer extraordinaire, for entertaining the AL crew when there was a mix up on performance days. She is always ready and happy to step up!

Marj sings along from the catbird’s seat!

The Assisted Living residents enjoying the concert.

Bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

Thanks for filling in Rosemary!

Covid-19 Update: August 21, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

Short and sweet testing update this week.  Our Assisted Living tenants were tested this week and all results that have come back are negative.  We are continuing to test all staff every week. We had one staff member in the Care Center come back asymptomatic positive from last week’s testing, so we conducted spot testing for 20 Care Center residents based on contact tracing.  We are awaiting results, but all residents are currently asymptomatic.

Staff and Residents are enjoying our beautiful August weather and each other’s company outside in our beautiful courtyards; we again thank everyone for following our established rules and being patient as we try and accommodate as many resident visits as possible.  It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy and celebrating life’s milestones, including a 60th wedding anniversary that you will see highlighted below.

Enjoy your weekend, and we will be back with more updates next week!

Chantal Nason, Administrator

Covid 19 Update August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

In our world of ever-evolving guidance, the hot topic this week is the release of Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidance outlining criteria and recommendations on how long-term care settings could re-open to visitors and suggestions to protect the health of our residents and staff.  MDH is allowing individual communities to make the final decision on re-opening to visitors, based on our unique situation.

Resuming visitation in our setting is a difficult decision because it will increase exposure to the virus and we know our residents are at higher risk of complications if exposed to COVID-19.  Yet, we also know that the ongoing separation from family and friends and feelings of isolation can also have a negative impact on our residents. The threat of this devastating and deadly virus is still with us. Minnesota is experiencing an increase in the number of positive cases in areas across our state, which can pose a greater risk of exposure to both our residents and our staff.

The MDH guidance has specific criteria that we will evaluate to determine when we can safely re-open our setting to visitation. It also applies to when we may need to restrict visitation based on the status and risk of exposure to COVID-19 for our residents and staff. There are many criteria they have suggested; most notably, that our community needs to be free of positive staff and resident cases for 28 days as well as the 14-day case rate within our county. Please see our latest Testing Update 8-14-2020

In the coming week(s) we will be thoroughly reviewing this guidance and assessing our exposure status and COVID-19 response plan to create a timeline and plan for visitation. However, at this time, we do not meet criteria to resume visitation inside our building. We will re-evaluate this decision based on clinical factors each week and will keep you informed on the status of when we will resume visitation in our setting. This is difficult news to receive and we understand how hard it is being distanced from your loved one. Our Licensed Psychologist, Alyson VanAhn, addresses this as well as some free resources for you as family members in this message.

To clarify, this visitation guidance is separate and above and beyond the already in place Essential Caregiver Guidance. As you know, we are piloting this program in our Assisted Living to start because of their smaller size and absence of positive Covid-19 cases for almost three months now. Family members in Assisted Living also provide support with daily living activities and cares for their loved one. In the Care Center these supports are provided by our staff, so the need for Essential Caregivers is mostly related to emotional support which we feel is being met through the various ways we are presently accommodating social visits. We continue to offer outdoor visitation, window visits and visits through technology. We have seen the positive impact of the improved courtyard visits on our resident’s emotional health and hope you have as well!

We deeply appreciate the sacrifices you make to limit the impact of COVID-19 on our community and your patience as we prepare our setting to host safe visitation and other activities. Our entire team looks forward to seeing you as our families, friends and volunteers are the core fabric of what makes our community so special.

Thank you again for being partners with us in fighting the COVID-19 virus. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.



Chantal Peterson, Administrator

Covid-19 Update: August 7, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

This update is short and sweet because have had another good week!  Residents tested negative for a second straight week! We are still waiting on staff results for this week.  The assisted living continues to be COVID-19 free and we will be monitoring them during these early stages of Essential Caregiver visits.  As Jones-Harrison starts allowing essential visitors the risk of COVID-19 can increase, we will stay vigilant.  Since we are still working for a longer period of negatives on the care center side, essential caregiver visits are not allowed at this time.

The first week of outdoor visits in the courtyard have gone quite well; residents and family members are visiting masked across a table now – one step closer to ‘normal’. The scheduling system has been updated for longer visits so please read below as understand how you can schedule 30-minute outdoor visits with your loved one!

All indications tell us this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Jones-Harrison is continuing to procure PPE for staff, and follow CDC, CMS, and state guidelines on infection control.  The knowledge we have today is different than when we started, and we are working daily with continued changing information.  Your ongoing support and prayers are essential to residents and staff!  Thank you for everything you have done!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

No Stormi Skies Here!

Residents and staff alike were all swooning to over little Stormi, especially Chrystopher and Pam. Thanks to “Aunt Hannah” who was looking after Stormi for her roommate, for bringing this little sweetie in to visit.