A Perfect Day to Picnic

What an absolutely perfect day to have our weekly resident picnic at Jones-Harrison Residence.  Here are residents of our long term care and transitional care enjoying the food, camaraderie and perfect temperature under sunny blue skies!

We love when family and friends join in on the fun!

Our gazebo under our historic cupola is a beehive of activity on picnic days.

African Cloth Demonstration

Many thanks to Janet Erickson, daughter of our lovely former tenant Lois Erickson, for presenting a program on African cloth and crafts to our assisted living residents at Jones-Harrison.

Janet Erickson talks about African cloth to the assisted living tenants.

Creating cards using scraps of cloth from a dress of Janet’s.


Our Saints from United HealthCare

A really big thank you to our friends at United HealthCare for treating us to another really fun activity – a day at the Saints Game in St. Paul.  It was fun to reconnect and meet new volunteers from UHC who help make it such a special day for the residents of Jones-Harrison.  Good fun, good friends and good food and beer – who could ask for anything more!  And it didn’t rain on us!

Who is that pink persona photobombing us?!

Isaiah keeps the crew cool on the bus ride!

Ted be nice and share with Margie and Gert!

Bus ladies!

Dancing thru the Dew Drops

Beating the hot and humid weather in our interpretive movement class by dancing thru the dew drops and on the ocean waves.

Virginia and Mary move create the dew drops from their fingertips.

Ann-Marie and Joyce lend their hands to the shower!

Dorothy and Iva ride a wave!

Interpreting a Bit of Opera

Showing our versatility, this week’s Interpretive Movement sessions with Jones-Harrison residents had them moving, flowing and stretching to some classical and modern opera.

Nelly calls this the March of the Scarves!

We are all happy to move in this class!

Stretching the limits of our imagination.

Namaste to start our day.

Follow the Drum Beat to Fun!

Our residents from Jones-Harrison were really working those drums this week, playing along with some patriotic music and other old standards.

Savannah and Harriet laying down a groovy beat!

Smiles all around for this drumming performance!

Sophie is the next Buddy Rich!

Gone Fishin – Part 2!

Here are our intrepid fisherpeople from Jones-Harrison long term care.  Looks like everybody had luck reeling one in this day!

Glenn looking pretty happy with his catch!

Virginia looks ready to reel in a big one!

Joyce is back for more!