Top of the Pops!

We are so grateful for the continued hard work and dedication of the staff of Jones-Harrison Residence – they are the best!

Gretchen doing her usual fine work on this week’s employee treats!

Covid-19 Isolation Unit is Empty!

We were so happy to celebrate the final resident moving out of our now empty Covid 19 isolation unit! While the fight isn’t over, we are thrilled to have all of our residents back in their homes!

Covid-19 Update July 31, 2020

July 31, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we have great news as our last resident in isolation moved back to their room!!!  We celebrated the joyous occasion with lots of cheers, clapping, and COVID air hugs to the tune of “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang. We will be keeping the isolation wing ready in the event we have any future residents who test positive.  We are continuing to test weekly to fight COVID-19.  Last week we had no residents test positive, but we did have one staff person on the Care Center side.  The Assisted Living residents and staff have remained negative for over a month now.

Our visitations outside have been going well (see below for planned enhancements) and we have started Essential Caregiver visits on the Assisted Living side. Chantal sent out information on the guidelines for visiting to these Essential Caregivers and they are subject to change if we have another outbreak of COVID-19.  We appreciate everyone checking in, answering questions, and getting their temperature taken.  Jones-Harrison has purchased an automated temperature scanner to go with the sign in kiosk that will make this process easier; this will arrive later in August. Thank you to our handful of rock star volunteers that have been helping with the screening process!

COVID-19 has changed so much of our world at Jones-Harrison.  We have lost residents who were long time friends and family to all of us.  Our staff stepped up to fill the void of families who could not come to see their loved ones and we all felt the pain of this loss.  Watching our last resident recover on the isolation unit was joyous and yet we all know the fight for our residents is not over.  Everyone at Jones-Harrison also knows we could not be at this point without donations, emails and letters of support, and prayers.

This journey has Jones-Harrison looking at how we provide services, private rooms available, and creating better spaces for residents.  We will be sending out more information as our staff develop a plan for Jones-Harrison’s post COVID-19 future that will improve on the fine tradition of care offered in our Assisted Living and Care Center.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to moving together in this new world.


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Meaningful Notes from Medtronic

Many thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers from Medtronic who sent over lovely hand written and designed notes to cheer our residents. They all thought it was so lovely for this group to think of them, with Mary remarking “I could almost cry at how kind people have been.” We agree 100%!

Amanda and Carol look over the wonderful note.

Norty is all smiles for his surprise mail!

Margaret was thrilled to receive her unexpected note.

As We Bid July Goodbye

We are thankful for the vast amounts of sunshine that we had this past month to enjoy our lovely Jones-Harrison garden courtyards , especially for our visits with friends and family.  Let’s hope for a repeat – minus the humidity – for August so we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors!  Enjoy some photos of our outdoor time!

Chrystopher and her daughters catch up.

Barb and Gean catch up!

Mary gets to see her adorable great-granddaugher!

Covid-19 Update: July 24, 2020

July 24, 2020

Dear Friends and Families,

We hope everyone is doing well!  We have good news this week again, as we had no positive test results for the residents this week.  We also have only one person in isolation and hopefully they will recover soon.  Tests for the staff are still pending, but we had no positives last week and hopefully that will repeat itself.

This good news does not mean we can stop our vigilance in protecting our residents and staff. Since cases are not diminishing out in the public and we are still waiting for a vaccine, the possibility of having another COVID-19 case is still there.  The news from the Governor’s office was positive and informative and demonstrates how Jones-Harrison and other facilities serving seniors are working hard to keep our residents healthy.  We appreciate the support the administration has been working to provide us and we know that as we move forward the partnership will continue.

Thank you, families, for your support and honoring our guidelines to visit family and friends.  Our staff understand how hard these times are for everyone.  As we work to allow visitors into the building once again, please keep in mind how important masks, social distancing, and washing hands are for yourself and everyone else.

Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid-19 Update: July 17, 2020

July 17, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We have much good news this week! All of our Assisted Living Tenants are COVID-19 free, the majority of Care Center Resident results have come back and are negative, and all staff were negative last week (this week’s results are still pending). We had two residents in the Care Center move out of isolation, leaving only 2 residents in our isolation area – hopefully to come off soon!

We are also pleased to announce that we are developing a new program called ‘Essential Caregiver’ – in accordance with guidelines released from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) last Friday. Our goal through this program is to help our residents who are missing care previously provided by a loved one or outside caregiver prior to the visitor restrictions required by state and federal guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although social distancing and physical separation are still important to keep residents safe, we are taking steps to combat the unintended consequences of prolonged social isolation and to maintain overall health and well-being.

Our team has met extensively to discuss what this program looks like for Jones-Harrison. We have a duty to protect our residents and staff and any time traffic is increased through our building it is an added risk to their safety. This program has the potential to add 150 people through our doors each week. Opening our doors, even to a limited extent, is a very risky and polarizing concept; especially during a time when we still have 2 resolving cases of COVID-19, one of our neighborhoods is still in an incubation period, and cases of COVID-19 are increasing in the community at large. Just because we can implement this program, does not mean we should! Please take our anonymous single question survey to help us gauge how you are feeling about this.

MDH has put forward guidance around Essential Caregiver visits as something that communities can elect to implement. As stated in the above paragraph, we feel the need to move forward cautiously and therefore will begin this new program first with our Assisted Living on July 27th, 2020. Assisted Living staff will be reaching out next week to each Tenant to identify their Essential Caregiver and to schedule visits with that person. We chose to start this program with the Assisted Living first because of the smaller number of Tenants and because they have not had a positive case of COVID-19 in over a month.

We ask for patience over the next few days and weeks as we design a program that balances the safety, health and wellness for all who live and work here and for those who serve in the Essential Caregiver role. We recognize the critical role family members and other outside caregivers, such as friends, volunteers, and private personal caregivers often have in the care and support of residents. Please know this is our ‘phase 1’ of implementing this program and it will continue to grow as we feel we can safely do so! More communication will come next week with what this Essential Caregiver program will look like at Jones-Harrison.


Chantal Peterson, MS, LNHA, Campus Administrator

George Celebrates His Birthday!

We were so happy to host George’s birthday at Jones-Harrison Residence with his family – safely distancing 6 feet away. Andrew from our Therapeutic Recreation department was an able assistant as George unwrapped all his “suspicious” looking presents – none of them the chocolate covered cherries he kept asking for! However, his family did a beautiful job of re-framing some very special photos for George to enjoy.  We even managed to capture a bit of video of the big day!