Welcome Back Breck Students!

We were thrilled to welcome back the students from Breck High School this week.  We will actually have 2 classes participating with us this year.  One group will lead a dance and music program similar to the terrific one last year.  And a group studying ceramics will be working alongside our residents when Northern Clay begins their residency next week.  We thank teachers Brad Kohl and Coreena Affleck for their participation and support as well.  Come by on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. and join in the fun!  Enjoy the photos from our Meet and Greet session this past week.

Jack & Erin, our veterans from Breck, will be leading the Dance and Music class.

Ceramics teacher Coreena Affleck jumps in and helps with name tag creation with Moira so everyone can get to know each other better.

Decorating the name tags for our students and residents.

Dance and Ceramic students join our residents for a little chair dancing!

Picnic Passings

We had wonderful weather the last 2 Tuesdays as we wrapped up our summer picnics at Jones-Harrison.  Rain didn’t spoil too many of the picnics this year, and it is greatly enjoyed by all to share a meal in our lovely courtyard.

Our Friday Stroll

If it’s Friday, it’s Buddy Walk day at Jones-Harrison Residence.  Another gorgeous day to stroll down to Cedar Lake.  Many thanks for new volunteer Jeff Schwedes for his help; Jeff is no stranger to Jones-Harrison as we proudly cared for his Mother, Laura, some years ago.

Our intrepid trio from Assisted Living, Colleen, Margie and Ted

Volunteer Jeff gets to know Lois a bit better on this walk.

Are Savannah and Ginny comparing tans?!

Drumming to a Brazilian Beat

A big group today for Drum Circle tapping along to the beat of a Brazilian band!

Nelly and Delores show Savannah from Therapeutic Recreation how to keep the beat!

Look at Jim keeping the peace by drumming with both Lois and Eva!

You go Louise – how many 95 year old drummers do you know?!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Thankfully, we had a beautiful day on Friday for Buddy Walks.  Not too hot, not too cold with a little hint of Fall in the air.  We will continue to take our walks to Cedar Lake on Fridays in September.  Come join us or wave if you see us out there!

Enjoying the view of Cedar Lake – not many swimmers today!

Ted and Buddy get acquainted.

Happy August Birthdays!

A very happy birthday to all the residents of Jones-Harrison who are celebrating in August!  And a big thank you to Charley Weyser for supplying the music and our own Roger for a special rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Charley Weyser tickles the ivories for us!

Nothing better than cake and jazz!

The ladies are appreciative of the good music and good company!

Getting Our Drumming On

Another fun Drum Circle session at Jones-Harrison Residence.

Lori gets the group tapping to the music!

Barbara shows Marlys how you can drum with anything!

Ayers adds a bit of percussion to the session.

Raisa shares a tambourine solo with the group!