4th of July Inspiration

For this week’s Interpretive Movement, Ann-Marie lead the groups in simulated fireworks – along with the prerequisite oohs and ahs – using colorful garland and patriotic music.  The Jones-Harrison residents marched in step!

Colleen and Marg set off a few fireworks!

John and Ann-Marie sends fireworks to each other!

David and Margie bombard Stella with fireworks!

A Day in the Life

What are we up to on an average day at Jones-Harrison Residence?  Well, we could join our friends for a “Hot Topics” session, celebrate a friend’s birthday, go for a “Buddy Walk” to Cedar Lake, and enjoy a dine-in lunch from our very own Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar.  Phew!

A yummy lunch from Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar with friends.

Enjoying a break by Cedar Lake on our Buddy Walk.

A great group gathers for “Hot Topics” in the library.

Happy Birthday Maggie!

The Dedication of Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar

We were so proud to welcome John and Lisa Nicotra to help officially dedicate Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar.  The Nicotra family contributed a generous gift in their father Frank’s name that helped get this wonderful addition to Jones-Harrison Residence under way.  This was also an opportunity for us to gather to recognize all the wonderful donors that allow us to provide all those extra special things to our residents.

John and Lisa Nicotra cut the ribbon for the official dedication of Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar.

Checking out the photo collage representing Frank’s life.

Sharon Aadalen presents the Nicotra’s with a token of appreciation from the Board of Directors and Residents of Jones-Harrison.

Jones Harrison Residence Annual Family Picnic 2019

Thank you to all the family and friends who joined us for the annual Jones-Harrison Family Picnic.  We were so thrilled to see you and hope you had fun at the circus!  We had so many fun things to do – games, ice cream from the Milk Mart Ice Cream Truck, visit with our Canine Companions, fabulous fun music with the Medicine Show Band, amazing Magic with Hondo and the star of our event this year, the amazing and cuddly antics of the Bunny Besties!  What a fabulous June evening to celebrate all of you who are part of our Jones-Harrison family!

All photos courtesy of Thomas Leonard Studio.

Mariellen meets Bentley, the wondrous obstacle course performer.


The Amazing Hondo thrills the crowd!

Snuggly visits with the Canine Companions.  


Fun and food for all ages!                                

A great night to celebrate family!                                   

Sweet treats for all!                                          

Drumming Our Cares Away

Great group of drummers for our second drum circle.  Lori greets the group with a welcome tap on her drum.  Carolyn shared with us that the drumming “made her feel strong, and helped get rid of her frustrations.”  And we are discovering we have some great percussionists as well!

I think we’ll call them the back beat gals!

I’m a percussion section all on my own!

John and Joanne have the rhythm going!

So do Maggie and Bob!

Employee Appreciation

Jones-Harrison was proud to celebrate the over 100 employees who have 5 years or more of service to our residents and families.  Many thanks who participated in the luncheon and to Susan Dean for sharing her appreciation for this wonderful caregivers.  Enjoy the photos.

Board member Sharon Aadalen thanks the staff.

Enjoying lunch catered by Hyvee and Italian Soda bar from our own Frank’s Cafe and Coffee Bar.

Family member Susan Dean shares her memories and appreciation.

CEO Lowell Berggren and Megan B.

All this fuss for me?!?!

Hooping It Up!

For this week’s interpretive movement classes, COMPAS Teaching Artist Ann-Marie Loushine-Thompsen had our Jones-Harrison residents incorporating hula-hoops to express their thoughts and connections.

Chaplain Monica leads Riva in a modified version of the hokey-pokey putting that right foot in!

Prakash circles her friend Joyce!

Don challenges Savannah in a tug of war!

Delores is all about being in the circle of things!

Introduction to Drum Circle

Welcome to our Drum Circle!  We kicked things off on a beautiful spring day last week, learning some basic beats and having fun with percussion.  Teaching artist Lori Schmidt will be at Jones-Harrison Residence presenting the HeartRhythms program for its residents over the next 12 weeks on Thursday afternoons.  Come join in the fun.

Practicing a call and response on our drums.

What could be better than drumming in the spring sun with friends!

Thanks to all the Jones-Harrison residents who came out to give the Drum Circle a try!