A Hauntingly Good Time

A great time was had by all at Jones-Harrison Residence on Halloween. Residents joined students from Breck High School to carve and decorate pumpkins. Staff, meanwhile, organized a fun pot luck for all the costumed crew. And best of all, the Halloween Party, with a parade of wonderful costumes from the staff and fun additions from the residents. A little song styling from Heidi Zyman helped with the afternoon festivities. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!

Thank goodness Jones-Harrison has so many superheroes living with us!

Enjoying some witches brew with Mom & Dad!

Lois serves as both supervisor and model!

A Portrait of You

Students from Blake High School will be visiting with residents of Jones-Harrison Residence over the next four weeks and creating portraits of them for an art project.  What a great idea and we are all anxious to see the final product.


Our Class is a Cut-Up!

We are making excellent progress on our collage projects.  It is fun to see our design sketches come to life with our cutting and designing!

Matching colors, shapes and styles and cutting to fit!

Making all the pieces fit…by cutting!

130th Anniversary – Tree Dedication Ceremony

What a beautiful day we had to dedicate our newest addition to the Jones-Harrison forest. As part of the 130th Anniversary Celebration for Jones-Harrison, we planted a Spring Snow Crabapple; while it doesn’t look like much now, we hope in years to come it will great visitors driving to our location with an ocean of showy white flowers each Spring. Many thanks to our Chaplain Monica Powers for her blessing and wonderful update of “My Favorite Things” for the occasion. We also took the time to enjoy a slideshow of the activities residents, family, friends and donors have joined in on the fun with us. Thanks to all who have supported our 130th Anniversary Campaign fundraiser, and to everyone who helps make Jones-Harrison Residence the premier home for older adults!

Jones-Harrison Residence at 130 years old – LOOKING GOOD!

Our new Spring Snow Crabapple tree might not look like much now, but with Chaplain Monica’s blessing, the love of the Jones-Harrison staff and residents, and a soon to be installed deer fence, this little tree will be full of showy white flowers next Spring!

We had fun watching a slideshow with photos from lots of our fun activities this past year!

Gotta Dance!

While our friends from Breck were busy taking tests this week, we went on a world tour, stopping in Morocco, India and Jamaica to sample the music and, of course, dance!

Another big crowd for our Kairos Alive! Dance and Movement Class!

Warmin’ up down Jamaica way with a Mambo!

Groovin to the rhythms!