Covid-19 Testing Update: June 18, 2020

June 18, 2020

Dear Family Members and Friends,

We have most of our results back for the residents today. This new germ is teaching us that people who have recovered can test positive after testing negative, which happened with one resident from the Care Center. This is a new challenge and we are consulting with our Medical Director. This resident is asymptomatic and in isolation for precautions.

Two staff have also tested asymptomatic positive and are home isolating. We have more staff test results that have not come back, so we will keep everyone updated with emails as we get results back.

Today, we had a second infection control survey from the Minnesota Department of Health. They did a thorough investigation of all our infection prevention measures and noted two areas where we could improve. We will learn more as they finish their findings.

The state has also issued guidelines for outside visitation!! We are so happy! Maintenance, Activities and Infection Control are collaborating on how to execute this safely. Activities will be sending out more about how to set up visit times and how the visitation guidelines will work in the next week. There is more information on the Minnesota Department of Health website here.

The beginning sums everything up, we are all learning as we go with this new virus! We read so many different pieces of information every week about COVID-19 and our staff work to stay fluid with new methods of infection control. As you, our family and friends, start to come on site to visit – please remember to stay cautious, feel free to ask us questions, and know we are happy to see you!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid 19 Update: June 8, 2020

June 8, 2020

Dear Family Members and Friends,

Thank you for the support this weekend regarding the inaccurate COVID-19 numbers.  We are appreciative of our relationship with our staff, families, and friends of Jones-Harrison.  Today, we are reporting cumulative numbers since the start of March.  Please note that all residents and staff have been tested twice and that the numbers represent totals for positive cases, residents passed away and residents recovered.  We currently have seven people from the Care Center in isolation.

Care Center

Total positive                  Total passed away             Totaled Recovered

45 residents                    18 (as of 6/8)                            20

Assisted Living

Total positive                   Total passed away            Total Recovered

6 tenants                                2                                       4


Total positive                    Number still out

32                                           12


We feel that with continued testing of all staff and residents, we are heading in a good direction.  This testing will now be done by our own staff at Jones-Harrison, after we finish working with the National Guard this week.  We know that testing and PPE will be our two greatest weapons to fight COVID-19.

Jones-Harrison will continue steady communications going through these times; however, we will move to a once per week update on Wednesdays beginning on June 17th. We will send a final Thursday update with our testing results this week.  We will always communicate if major changes occur or we have announcements.  I have greatly appreciated the questions and comments you have sent and the words of encouragement to all of us.


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid 19 Update: June 4, 2020

June 4, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We have completed whole house testing for the second week. Residents and staff were troopers, as having something put up your nose is not comfortable.  The National Guard team is very caring and compassionate and we are grateful for their time and effort.  Jones-Harrison will be having one more round of testing next week with the National Guard.

We had no new COVID-19 cases with our residents this week!  We have two residents graduating and moving off the isolation unit.  We had one staff person test positive who was asymptomatic.  That staff person will be on isolation for the next two weeks.  The Assisted Living building also had no new cases of residents or staff.

Jones-Harrison wants to remind our families and friends that even though the state is starting to open up, our Care Center and Assisted Living are under different rules.  We are still under the guidelines of the federal and state government to not allow visitors unless for end of life visits.  Our activities department is working on setting up window visits with families in the very near future and we will still maintain the video calls. We understand the frustration people have not seeing their families but until new guidelines come from the state and federal government, we ask for people’s understanding.

On a happy note, we are going to be phasing back our 1:1 strength training visits for those enrolled in our Wellness program.  Our goal is to slowly move life back to some normalcy for our residents.  We have all read or heard about the toll isolation has had on everyone’s mental health and our staff understand the need to help move forward.

The future of living with COVID-19 will change how we all interact with one another and our elderly.  Even though we are heading in a positive direction, Jones-Harrison understands we must stay vigilant in prevention, prepare for how our future looks, and learn to live with a new state of being.  We will all be learning this new future together.  Jones-Harrison residents and staff are grateful for our families and friends and in knowing we will have your support.

Annette Greely, President/CEO

Sun Worship!

What a glorious day to enjoy the gardens at Jones-Harrison Residence. Many thanks to the staff who take the time to help the residents enjoy the wonderful weather. Don even told stories about going to Hidden Beach at Cedar Lake…back when if you looked through the bushes, you could find some funny business going on back in the day!

Paula is in her favorite reading place, mask properly adorned!

Mary Alice does a bit of swinging!

Amanda takes Don for a stroll in the courtyard.

Stella tells Carl all about the gardens.

Southwest Journals Turns the Spotlight on Jones-Harrison Residents

Our thanks to the Southwest Journal, journalist Zac Farber and photojournalist Isaiah Rustad for speaking with tenants of Jones-Harrison’s Assisted Living and Long Term Care about their lives and their thoughts on living through the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the article

Jones-Harrison residents share their feelings about the Covid-19 pandemic with the Southwest Journal.

George looking very distinguished for his close-up!

Dolly holds a doll that she loves because it looks like her daughter, Pamela.