Photography Meets Collage

As part of our Art Residencies funded by the Minnesota Regional Arts Council, Jones-Harrison residents will use photos they have taken in their photography class to help create a self-portrait in the upcoming collage residency beginning in January.  Today’s project was to select a famous painting and to be photographed in the identical pose.  Look for updates on this project in the months to come.

Teresa Cox, collage artist, talks about the portraits residents can choose from for their upcoming collage.

Residents give their impressions of the artwork.

Not Messing Around With Our Turkeys

Another fun day with Northern Clay.  Today the Breck students worked alongside the Jones-Harrison residents to create some colorful and fun turkeys – and they will be glazed, fired and back for everyone to enjoy before Thanksgiving! In the meantime, we are enjoying our other fine work, including our owls!

Pat gets some advice on turkey design.

Prakash carefully chooses the colors for her turkey.

Who likes our work?

Eva and the girls talk about holiday traditions.

Halloween Dancing & Crafting

The Breck students had a great program today for the residents of Jones-Harrison.  We did some dancing to the sounds of the season – Monster Mash, Spooky, Thriller – then made some fun Halloween lanterns.

Here are our monsters mashing it up!

The ladies are getting a groove on!

Bik shows off her ghostly lantern!

Photography Field Trip to Como Park

Our intrepid photographers ventured through the Marjorie McNeely fern gardens and beyond to capture photos of patterns…and occasionally each other!  It was a perfect day for our field trip and many thanks to Mike Hazard for helping with composition tips!

Colleen finds patterns in the exotic ferns.

Ken assists David in setting up the perfect shot in the sunken gardens.

Mike captures the photographers in action!

Harriett works right until the end.

Adding a Bit of Fall to Our Ceramic Projects

Missed our friends from Breck today, but our Jones-Harrison residents powered on through a new project with Northern Clay, incorporating some autumn leaves in our design.  And we got our first projects back, all glazed and fired – what fun!

Eva gets some advice on what leave to add to her candy dish.

Artist at work!

Riva and Moira enjoy each others finished pieces!

Learning from the Masters

In today’s photograph class,

, we looked at other master photographer’s work, and then adventured around the campus to capture images with our favorite color in them.

Gaining perspective by discussing other master photographer’s work.