Covid-19 Update: June 26, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sorry for the delays in communication.  Our new lab is working as best they can with the large amount of samples we send them.  We will move our main communication email to Fridays that way we will give the lab ample time and you more accurate information.  Thank you for your patience.

This week in the care center we had two new asymptomatic positive residents.  They have moved to our isolation area.  There are four residents in isolation.  One resident recovered and is back in their room.

The assisted living residents have been all negative for the third week in a row!  They also do not have any staff who have tested positive.

We had one staff person from the care center so far test positive and is asymptomatic.  We are waiting for some staff lab results to come back.

Jones-Harrison has not gotten any follow up yet from our last infection control survey from the state.  We are continually following the guidelines set forth by the CMS and DHS on the best way to implement infection control.  Jones-Harrison is going to keep testing residents and staff as long we have positives.  We feel this is our best tool for fighting back against COVID-19.

We hope people are signing up for the outdoor visits!  You can always sign up for the video chats too.  The assisted living had some good news yesterday with the start of some social distancing dining and activities.  Our staff is excited for our assisted living residents to get more socialization and the staff at the care center are also working on new guidelines for activities to be implemented, along with working hard to bring people outside and coordinate visitations!

Until COVID-19 is eliminated from our communities or we get a vaccine, we must all keep vigilant in the recommendations of social distancing and masks.  We are thankful for your understanding of how challenging this situation is working with a new virus.  We are thankful for your support for our residents and staff!  Together, we will continue to fight this virus and advocate for all nursing homes and assisted living to get the needed support from our government and society!


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Outdoor Visits Begin at Jones-Harrison Residence!

Outdoor visits have begun at Jones-Harrison Residence and we are so happy to see our families return! You can see Sophie wearing a wide smile as she greets daughters Bonnie and Sandy. We look forward to sharing many more happy in-person reunions!

So happy family reunions can begin…even at 6 foot distances!

Thank you to all the families for your patience and cooperation as we begin our outdoor visits!

Everyone at Jones-Harrison Residence is so happy to see our families again!

A Thank You Snack

Gretchen is hard at work putting together this week’s treat!

Another thank you goodie for the hard-working staff of Jones-Harrison Residence!

Covid 19 Update: 6-19-2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We have our final COVID-19 tests results for our care center residents.  We had four residents test positive during this round.  There are two people who have recovered and are testing positive again, showing no symptoms, two residents who are currently positive remain positive and one new positive resident.  All residents who tested positive are in isolation. Currently, there are five residents in isolation.

The assisted living has no cases of COVID-19, as all tests were negative.  We still ask everyone to be vigilant about wearing masks and observing good infection control.

We are still waiting for more staff results to return, so we have no new updates from yesterday.


Annette Greely, President/CEO

Covid-19 Testing Update: June 18, 2020

June 18, 2020

Dear Family Members and Friends,

We have most of our results back for the residents today. This new germ is teaching us that people who have recovered can test positive after testing negative, which happened with one resident from the Care Center. This is a new challenge and we are consulting with our Medical Director. This resident is asymptomatic and in isolation for precautions.

Two staff have also tested asymptomatic positive and are home isolating. We have more staff test results that have not come back, so we will keep everyone updated with emails as we get results back.

Today, we had a second infection control survey from the Minnesota Department of Health. They did a thorough investigation of all our infection prevention measures and noted two areas where we could improve. We will learn more as they finish their findings.

The state has also issued guidelines for outside visitation!! We are so happy! Maintenance, Activities and Infection Control are collaborating on how to execute this safely. Activities will be sending out more about how to set up visit times and how the visitation guidelines will work in the next week. There is more information on the Minnesota Department of Health website here.

The beginning sums everything up, we are all learning as we go with this new virus! We read so many different pieces of information every week about COVID-19 and our staff work to stay fluid with new methods of infection control. As you, our family and friends, start to come on site to visit – please remember to stay cautious, feel free to ask us questions, and know we are happy to see you!


Annette Greely, President/CEO