The Poetry of Summer

Another fun day with Rachel Moritz creating poetry.  In memory care, we talked about the color of things – what color flower would you be?  And with our long term care and assisted living residents, we created a poem about what we would include in our “Kingdom of Summer.”

Blue stones made us think of water, sky and other colors made us think of food!

If you listened very well, you really could hear the ocean!

Horsin’ Around

Residents of Jones-Harrison’s Long Term Memory Care enjoy getting up close and personal with the beautiful horses at Bunker Park Stable.  Thanks to the staff at Bunker Park for making us feel so comfortable and welcome!  Enjoy the photos!

All cowpokes on hand to meet the horses!

It was wonderful to see the big smiles on everyone’s face as they met the horses.

Our Life Resume in Poetry

Today we tried something a little different in our poetry class at Jones-Harrison.  We began to write a life resume, starting with memories of where we were born and our childhoods.  So many fun things to learn about each other!  Thanks, Rachel, for stretching our minds as well as our mouths!

Rachel warms up the group for reciting poetry with a mighty roar!

We find out lots about our neighbors, and that is fun!

Gone Fishin!

Residents of Jones-Harrison’s Long Term Care had a marvelous time fishing out at Lake Riley this week.  They beat the storms and reeled in some beauties!

The ladies had a good day at Lake Riley!

Celebrating July Birthdays!

A big happy birthday wish to all the Jones-Harrison residents celebrating a birthday in July!  We toasted with fresh peach cobbler while being entertained on guitar by Mary Hall.

Many thanks to Mary Hall for providing the entertainment at this month’s Jones-Harrison birthday celebration.

Local Beer Tasting at Jones-Harrison

The tasting of local beers certainly drew a large crowd at Jones-Harrison.  Everyone enjoyed sampling, even the watermelon beer!  Many thanks to the therapeutic recreation staff for organizing and picking up all the beverages.  Enjoy the photos!

A toast to everyone who makes life at Jones-Harrison so much fun!

It tastes pretty good straight from the bottle.

But some of us who hail from Germany know a beer needs to breathe!

Check Out Our Poems!

Rachel Moritz leads a big group in this week’s poetry class.  And check out what we created last week; My Eagle by the poets in memory care, and Treasure Island by the residents of assisted living and long term care.

We always have a big turn out for poetry class.