Halloween Party & Costume Contest

Halloween festivities took place on all Hallow’s Eve at Jones-Harrison.  The staff got creative on their costumes again this year – check out the photos of the Fantasy Football Cheerleaders, or the “Staff You Can Count On”?  How about the Music Teacher, the Square Dancer, our Sleepy time gals, the Nerds and a mostly un-ferocious lion.  Even the boss stopped in to check out the activities – or was it?  Some of the residents got in on the act as well.  The party wrapped up with some magical fun.

The boss stopped in to see how the Jones-Harrison costume contest and Halloween party was going. Turns out, it wasn’t so spooky but it was magical!

First prize for our Clown Friend at the Jones-Harrison costume contest:

Getting Ready for Halloween at Jones-Harrison

The residents of Jones-Harrison get in the spirit and help decorate for Halloween.  A little painting for some pumpkins and some help from students at Breck School with pumpkin carving.  Enjoy the photos.

Join Us for Lecture from Malidoma Some

The final guest in the Jones Harrison New Aging, Whole Living, Meaningful Life speaker series and it’s going to be a great one. Join Us!

Malidoma is a shaman from the Dagara tribe (West Africa), with 3 Masters degrees and 2 PhDs from Brandeis and the Sorbonne. He addresses modern challenges to our humanity, and how to optimize life as interconnected and multi-dimensional along the aging arc.

Learn more or register at

Malidoma Some - An Indigenous Perspective

Malidoma Some – An Indigenous Perspective