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My dear Mother Marjorie Caye, has been a part of this wonderful community of Jones Harrison in MN for seven years now. The best service they provide is their professional caring and one-on-one time spent individually or in a group doing fun activities, that's meaningful to the residents. Mom has always felt like "this is home" to her. She has never complained and is always HAPPY when we visit & call. Her room is clean & she is dressed looking so lovely. Jones Harrison's staff goes over & beyond in their work day - because besides their skills they have big hearts! Thank you so much EVERYONE.

– Stephanie M.

My mother lives in Assisted Living but had two falls in October. One breaking her wrist and the other fracturing her pelvis. She is currently in TCU but is hoping to get back to Assisted Living soon. Tina has been exceptional in her help with all of it! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Tina on speed dial! She is extremely on top of everything and communicates rapidly! She cares about my mom and is a calming force for me. I think she is probably working a job of at least 2-3 people. I cannot say enough about Tina. I hope that Jones-Harrison knows about her work ethic and commitment to help everyone she is in contact with! Thanks for hiring her and thank you Jones-Harrison for keeping a close eye on my dear mom! I can rest at night knowing that she is in a safe and secure place.

– Katie L.

Following an 11-day stay at Methodist Hospital in October 2019, I was transferred to the rehabilitation services provided by Jones-Harrison Residence. During my 2-1/2 week stay, I went from being unable to walk and perform daily tasks to being able to walk with the assistance of a walker the entire length of a corridor and learn ways to perform my personal and household tasks.

As of January 2020, I am now able to walk on my own without a device and have returned to full-time work. The rooms were large, cheerful, very clean, and well furnished. The staff was excellent, highly qualified, professional, and very respectful of all of my requests and concerns. I received physical therapy twice a day and occupational therapy twice a day which resulted in a tremendous
improvement in all aspects of my daily living. Furthermore, the food was excellent, very tasty, varied, and multiple selections for each meal.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jones-Harrison Residence to anyone in need of rehab services.

– Jennifer A.

I feel my experience has been very good. I think the staff is very qualified and attentive to me and the residents I see and keep in contact with. Thanks for all you do!

– Gina K.

Jones-Harrison has provided excellent caring service. The leadership and staff work together with family and residents to provide outstanding service. I particularly appreciate the regular helpful updates about resident care especially in this time of COVID-19.

– Skip H.

Beautiful residence. We placed our mother here in July from another facility and it has been great. Cheerful place, the staff is awesome and always helpful. The building smells fresh and clean at all times. This is the best we'd toured and so much better than her previous experience at another place. We recommend Jones-Harrison to friends all the time.

During these tough times for family not being able to freely come and go, Jones-Harrison has done an outstanding job of keeping everyone safe and reducing risk. We are very pleased with their care for our mother and maintaining a safe and caring environment.

– Louis T.

The care for my many family members who live at JH has been phenomenal. You cannot find many places like this, and I feel very lucky that they are there.

– Duncan L.
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